How to Find Success as an Introvert Running a Design Business

Creating my dual personality

When I was about 10, I figured out a trick to make myself stand up and speak up. If I had no choice but to speak in public or in a crowd, I might as well volunteer to go first so I can get it over and done with quickly.

The characteristics that help introverts shine in business

In the last 5 years, I’ve used the “on” switch more than my entire life since I started Relab, a digital design agency in Melbourne, Australia.

1. We’re great listeners

2. We highly value personal relationships

3. We tend to be genuinely empathetic

4. We’re our own best critic



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Alvin Hermanto

Alvin Hermanto


Family first // Principal @relabstudios // Customer-obsessed digital design agency // Design sprint advocate // Melbourne // Say hello @alhermanto