What is the Crazy Eights?

Crazy 8s is an ideation technique that removes overthinking, in the hope of unlocking your subconscious. It is a fun group activity — that’s why they call it crazy. Basically, you’re sketching 8 solutions in 8 minutes, allowing 1 minute for each iteration. There’s little time to think, contemplate and…

Empathy is a valuable skill to have, no matter what profession you are in. It’s the ability to emotionally understand and imagine yourself in someone else’s place.

When designing and building products, empathetic behaviour is almost a requirement. It’s how you start building human-centred products. Product managers, designers and developers…

What is a user persona?

A user persona is a representation of your target users or customers. Personas are not created out of thin air but are based on research and relevant data.

It is a semi-fictional character who is a summary of your customer or a subset of your customers with similar demographic, goals…

Alvin Hermanto

Family first // Principal @relabstudios // Customer-obsessed digital design agency // Design sprint advocate // Melbourne // Say hello @alhermanto

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