6 Steps to Jump from a 3-figure Freelancer to Running a 6-figure Design Agency

“When the hell do I make it big?”

1. Be willing to make big sacrifices

First, you need to understand that the road isn’t a short one. Your ego has no place in this journey.

2. Work on your self-awareness

Self-awareness is an art. If you can master it, you can master almost anything you put your mind to it. Not only do you need a clear set of goals, you must be fully aware of what your strengths and weaknesses are.

3. Start acting like what you’re meant to be

It’s time to execute your plans. If you’re aiming for bigger clients, then polish your work and presence to look like what it’s worth. Create relevant case studies and showcase work.

4. Have patience, always

You will be tested time and time again, so stock up on passion, patience and perseverance.

5. Be genuinely nice to people

Nice guys don’t finish last.

6. Review yourself regularly

As the principal of a design agency, it is my job to ensure that we are on the right track. It is my responsibility, to myself more than anyone else’s, to make sure that my values are intact and that I’m moving towards my own North Star.



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Alvin Hermanto

Alvin Hermanto


Family first // Principal @relabstudios // Customer-obsessed digital design agency // Design sprint advocate // Melbourne // Say hello @alhermanto